June Evening in the Yard

The weather this evening is perfect- not too hot or too cold, with just a light breeze.  I have been enjoying spending time outside and snapped a few pictures of what is growing in the yard.

Here is our just-sprouted corn.  My daughter and I are attempting to grow a small “3 sisters garden” in a corner of our yard.  So far the corn has sprouted and we just planted the beans and squash today.  We purchased a kit for this with a neat booklet from http://www.bountifulgardens.org/

Here is a picture of lettuce in our square foot garden:


These are our purple bush beans.  These are really fun- they are purple when you pick them and then turn green when cooked:


These are my daughter’s pumpkins.  She’s been leaving pumpkins around the yard for the last couple of years hoping that one would eventually sprout.  It finally happened this spring:


Here is the first blooming rose of the season:


Here is some lavendar from my front yard:


And finally, a picture of our chickens.  They are out in the yard running around whenever we are in the back yard.  We live in town on a regular-sized lot, but are allowed to keep a few chickens.  My daughter has wanted to get some for awhile, and this spring we finally decided to try raising some.  We got these Rhode Island Reds as 1-day old babies and hope that we will  be getting some eggs by August.  We have two more tiny ones (of different breeds) that are still inside that will be moving out in a few weeks.   I love watching them running around, chasing bugs and just doing silly chicken things.



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