First Eggs

This morning, our chickens were making a bunch of noise and my daughter went out to check on them.  She found these:


We are all excited about our very first fresh eggs!


Sewing With a Puppy

I got some new Jalie patterns in the mail yesterday and decided that I would try to trace one and try to get it cut out in the afternoon, when our puppy is usually sleepy.  Both kids were gone, so unfortunately, they couldn’t distract him for me.

Felix ( just over 4 months old now) decided as soon as I spread out my sheet of pattern pieces that he would helpfully like to sleep there.


I did manage to trace the pieces I needed by pushing him to various parts of the pattern I wasn’t using right then.  It was very comical, but it somehow worked.

I did manage to cut out my fabric, which in this case was 3 recycled t-shirts that have been sitting in a bin for several years, left over from a past job.  This pattern is Jalie # 2787. I’d never made any patterns from this company before, so wanted to test the fit before using  it with “good” fabric. I have some fitting issues, and made some guesses as to what needed to be changed- basically, I cut the neck and shoulders a couple of sizes smaller than the side seams.  I also shortened it a bit as I’m both short and short-waisted.  I figured I’d start with that and make further changes from there.  I am really happy with the fit that resulted- I’ll definitely be making this pattern again, as well as trying other patterns from this company.


Custom Dog Accessories

Last week, I came across a website that sold patterns for making custom collars for your pets. Hardware was also available and the price seemed pretty reasonable. We have a new puppy, and my daughter and I both really thought we should order the pattern. It arrived yesterday, and my daughter and I have had fun making our puppy Felix custom neck-wear (and so far, one leash). Here’s what we’ve made so far (and the coffee-cup themed one was made entirely by my daughter):


Here’s a couple of pictures of Felix with his newest collar on, although he’s asleep, so it’s sort of hard to see. We’ve determined that it is pretty much impossible to take a picture of an awake 4 month old puppy that shows his collar well- or at least our very bouncy puppy.



These are really quick, easy and fun to make . My daughter and I are throwing around the idea of selling these at our local Saturday market. At the very least, Felix will always have a nice selection of custom collars.

Here’s the link to the place I bought the pattern:

Dog Collar Kits

I ordered some extra hardware, but I’m pretty sure I’m going to need to order some more soon!

My Bedspread Dress

Last week, I was downtown at a tiny little store that is always full of an interesting and eclectic assortment of merchandise.  The store is barely bigger than a small hallway, but I still feel like I don’t see everything that they sell.  Way back in the corner, they had some folded pieces of fabric that were labeled “twin” which I’m assuming were originally intended to be some sort of bed covering.  They were a medium weight cotton in a variety of prints.

This one came home with me:


I knew that I wanted to make it into some sort of clothing.  I originally thought it would be a wrap-around skirt  using the circle design part of the fabric.  I pulled out a bunch of patterns and after playing around with different possibilities, I decided to make a Barcelona Dress ( a Textile Studio pattern).  I’ve made this pattern in a few different fabrics and I love that it always looks different.  It’s long, down to my ankles at center front and a little shorter on the sides and is a very comfortable dress to wear.

Here is my finished dress:


Here is a close up the skirt part of the dress, where I used the circle part of the design.  In this pattern, there is a seam at center front and center back rather than at the sides:


I’m planning to go this weekend to look a little closer at the rest of the bedspreads in that shop.  I’m thinking another one might need to come home with me!

A New Vegetable

Earlier this spring, I ordered some seeds from Bountiful Gardens.  Along with the other things I ordered, I threw in one 50 cent package of “Seeds for Kids, ” which their catalog defines as:

A happy jumble of everything left over from the year before. (Many of which do not qualify for their germination tests but which are productive nonetheless.) Grow a surprise garden…it’s different every time! No medicinal herbs or poisonous flowers included. ”

My daughter sprinkled these seeds into a  3 foot x 3 foot square foot garden.  We’ve had fun trying to identify the  different plants,  so far everything from peas and beans to flowers.  Some  we’re not quite sure of, and tonight we  discovered something new.  We thought it looked like some sort of pea or bean, but when we opened it up, there was nothing inside.  We tasted them and they tasted sort of radish-y, but also just green and fresh.

After reading through the Bountiful Garden website and then googling for image matches, we determined that they are podding radishes.  We think ours are the Madras variety.   They are supposed to have a radish taste when raw, but lose that taste when cooked.  I haven’t tried cooking any of them yet and may not as we only have a few and I really like the way they taste when raw.

I will definitely be ordering seeds for these in the future.  I really like them and am excited to have found a vegetable that I never even knew existed before today!

Here are two of the pods from my daughter’s garden:

podding radishes

Finished Socks and My Front Yard

I spent much of last week being a “theatre mom.” That means that I hung out with all of the kids who were not on stage at any particular moment. That gave me lots of small-project knitting time. Here is a pair of finished socks, which I’m sure won’t be worn until October or November. It’s way too hot to even think about wearing any socks right now, much less wool ones!green socks

These socks were knit from a free pattern found here:

Horcrux Sock Pattern

Here are some pictures of my front yard, taken earlier this evening. The sunflowers are getting quite tall- in the second picture you can see that some of them are reaching nearly to the second story of our house. You can also see a bit of our puppy, Felix.