A New Vegetable

Earlier this spring, I ordered some seeds from Bountiful Gardens.  Along with the other things I ordered, I threw in one 50 cent package of “Seeds for Kids, ” which their catalog defines as:

A happy jumble of everything left over from the year before. (Many of which do not qualify for their germination tests but which are productive nonetheless.) Grow a surprise garden…it’s different every time! No medicinal herbs or poisonous flowers included. ”

My daughter sprinkled these seeds into a  3 foot x 3 foot square foot garden.  We’ve had fun trying to identify the  different plants,  so far everything from peas and beans to flowers.  Some  we’re not quite sure of, and tonight we  discovered something new.  We thought it looked like some sort of pea or bean, but when we opened it up, there was nothing inside.  We tasted them and they tasted sort of radish-y, but also just green and fresh.

After reading through the Bountiful Garden website and then googling for image matches, we determined that they are podding radishes.  We think ours are the Madras variety.   They are supposed to have a radish taste when raw, but lose that taste when cooked.  I haven’t tried cooking any of them yet and may not as we only have a few and I really like the way they taste when raw.

I will definitely be ordering seeds for these in the future.  I really like them and am excited to have found a vegetable that I never even knew existed before today!

Here are two of the pods from my daughter’s garden:

podding radishes


1 Comment

  1. Cynthia said,

    July 12, 2007 at 10:41 am

    WHAT FUN! We love surprises (LOL)! We don’t plant a vegetable garden, but we DO LOVE fresh produce!

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