Whole Wheat Homemade Better Than Pumpkin Pie Cake

Last week, I saw a recipe being shared around the internet for Better Than Pumpkin Pie Cake.  It sounded interesting to me, but because of one of the ingredients was a spice cake mix and because we have family allergies to many ingredients in traditional cake mixes, I knew I’d have to either find an ultra-expensive “natural” cake mix or figure out a way to make it from scratch. 

I didn’t have time to experiment before Thanksgiving, but today, I came up with my own version.  I decided to take the dry ingredients of a basic cake recipe we use frequently, changing the flour to all whole wheat pastry flour, which I thought would add something to this recipe. I have a grain mill, so used fresh ground soft white wheat berries for this. I’m pretty sure that regular all-purpose flour would also work here if that’s what you prefer or what you have on hand.  I’m all for using what’s already on hand :).  I also used the spices listed in another recipe I have for a spice cake to make my own version of spice cake mix.  I used the rest of the recipe I’ve seen circling around the internet as written.  In my recipe, where “sugar” is mentioned, I used Wholesome Sweeteners Evaporated Cane Juice.  For the brown sugar, I used Wholesome Sweeteners Dark Brown Sugar.  I may experiment with using a bit less sugar on a future baking day, but didn’t want to change too many things the first time I tried this. 

Here’s my version:

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Melt one stick of butter.

While that’s melting, mix together:

2 cups whole wheat pastry flour

1 cup brown sugar

¼ cup granulated sugar

2 tsp. baking powder

1 tsp. salt

1 tsp. cinnamon

½ tsp. nutmeg

½ tsp. allspice

½ tsp. ginger

Reserve one cup of this mixture.

To remaining cake mix mixture, stir in melted butter and one egg.   This will be very thick.  Pat this into a greased 9 X 13 inch pan- I used my hands. 

In the mixer bowl (I just used the same one), mix together:

1- 29 oz. can pumpkin

1- 5 oz. can evaporated milk (and a note- if you find you only have a 12 oz. can, like I did, you can use ½ cup plus 2 TBSP to get this amount)

3 eggs

1/2 cup brown sugar

¼ cup granulated sugar

1-1/2 tsp. cinnamon

1/4 tsp. nutmeg

Pour this mixture over the first layer in the pan.

Now make the topping:

Mix together:

Reserved dry cake mix

½ cup sugar

½ cup nuts if desired (I didn’t use these as I didn’t have any, but I think they would be good)

Cut in:

½ cup softened butter

Sprinkle this over the top of pumpkin mixture.  Bake for 50-55 minutes.  Cool for 30 minutes. 

We thought it was good warm, but even better after it had been refrigerated.  A successful experiment!


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