Turkey Cake

One of the kids in my daughter’s youth group goes by the nickname of “Turkey Joe.”  I have no idea why- his name  is not even Joe, but this is what everyone calls him.  His birthday was yesterday, and my daughter was challenged to make him a turkey-themed birthday cake.  She and I brainstormed a bit and came up with this:

It was apparently a hit at the party. Turkey Joe said Anna is “the most awesome person ever” for making him a turkey cake.
The details:

It’s just a regular homemade 2 layer cake, frosted with chocolate frosting.  The feathers are Pepperidge Farms Milano cookies, accented with Sunspire Sundrops.  The eyes, beak and legs are made from Florida’s Naturals strawberry fruit nuggets (some of which were conveniently oddly shaped for making the beak!). “Joe” is written in more sundrops.


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