Helping With Children’s Theatre

My daughter has been part of a local summer children’s theatre program for the past 6 years.  The program is directed by a good friend of mine, and my daughter loves it.  I love being involved, too.  I always sew a few costumes, help the kids tie-dye cast shirts (hot pink this year!), help with the kids backstage, help sell treats at intermission or do whatever may be needed at a particular time.  I love getting to know the kids and the other parents.  Everyone is tired by the end, but it’s a great experience.  The last performance was yesterday, so it’s the usual day after filled with mixed emotions here- happy for a rest, but sad that the experience is over.

This year’s show was a fairy tale set in the 1950’s with lots of fun costumes and music.  My daughter and her friend were cast as UPS drivers, and the original costume plan was to just borrow some clothes from the local UPS office.  My daughter decided that she wanted to have a fun swishy 50’s skirt, so she proposed that we create a 50’s version UPS costume.  The director was fine with that idea, so we went with it.  Here is the result (the photos are a little dark and fuzzy, but give the idea, anyway!):

My daughter is the one on the left in both pictures.

After yesterday’s final performance, there was a cast party/potluck.  If there is an event of any sort, my daughter likes to make and decorate a cake.  She had very little time to make these cakes, so they weren’t as elaborate as her original vision.  I think they turned out very cute, though. They are both decorated with chocolate fudge frosting and sundrops candies.

Here’s the juke box cake, made from a 9 x13 cake with half of a round cake added to one end:

And here is the record cake, made out of the extra round cake:


1 Comment

  1. jacidawn said,

    June 30, 2008 at 6:39 pm

    Great costume idea! Thanks for sharing it, Karyn! And I love the clever cakes. Yummy!

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