Using Rust Dyed Fabric

I’ve been enjoying playing around with some of my rust dyed fabric and thought I’d share some of it here.

I’ve been participating in an irregularly scheduled group that exchanges various hand-made postcards for a while now.  There aren’t really any restictions in our group- in the past, there’s been all fabric, mixed media, hand-made embellished paper, photography, mini-paintings- all sorts of things.  My offerings usually involve something using hand-dyed fabrics.  I decided that this time I’d use some of my rust dyed fabric.  Here are the eight 4 x 6 postcards I sent out:

Here are close-ups of a couple of them:

They were made by cutting two of my saw blade prints into quarters.  I then appliqued on a portion of some of the prints made with washers.  The edge fabric is rust dyed and then over-dyed in brown tones.

Because I had to do some trimming of my appliqued shapes before sewing the postcards to their backing, I ended up with some interesting small strips of rust-dyed fabrics.  I really liked the way they looked and wanted to find a way to use them.  Then I happened to see the link to a small wallet pattern on somebody’s blog and thought it would be a perfect way to use up my fabric strips.

Here are the results:

Front of wallet:

Back of wallet:

Inside of wallet:

It’s just a small thing, but it makes me happy to see it in my purse.

The wallet pattern can be found here:

Wallet Pattern

You can see that I left off the vinyl outer pocket and the key chain tab.

And this little wallet pattern also came in handy this weekend when my daughter needed a birthday gift for a friend.  We sewed it up out of some fabrics in our stash Anna thought her friend would like.  We then filled it with (as my son says) “the gift certificate to anywhere”-cash.  It made a nicer presentation than just sticking some money in an envelope :).


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