Crayon Rubbings on Fabric

I’ve always enjoyed making paper rubbings of common objects and recently I’ve been thinking about trying some projects on fabric.  I had some ideas of supplies I’d like to use, but none are available in my town and will have to be mail-ordered.  I decided to go ahead and try some experiments today with the supplies that I had.  My daughter was up for experimenting, too, so we headed off on our bikes to a nearby college campus.  We took along some sections of second-hand-store sheeting and a small box of stockmar beeswax crayons.  We had a lot of fun and my daughter only told me a couple of times that people were looking at us funny :).

Here are some of our images:

These are from two door knobs in our house:

These are images from two different light posts:

From a memorial plaque by a tree:

From another plaque:

From a gate:

From a small water utility cover:

From a sculpture title:

From a phone utility cover- I love the geometric shapes on this:

After today’s experiments, I have lots more ideas in mind to try. I’m thinking  of trying to work some of  today’s rubbings  into some sort of art quilt along with more images that we collect other times.

I did heat set these images with an iron- I covered them with a couple of layers of paper while ironing to absorb any excess wax.  I tested a couple of them by then washing them in hot water with synthropal (a strong textile detergent I use for my dye work) and the colors stayed fast.  I may just stick with using the Stockmar beeswax crayons, but now I want the bigger box with more colors…which I will still have to mail order :).


1 Comment

  1. Ben-David said,

    January 11, 2009 at 12:41 am

    There are fabric-dye crayons you can use. Make your rubbing, then iron the fabric (I sandwich the fabric between baking parchment paper to prevent stains) – and your pattern is permanent!

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