Shibori Stitched-Resist Hearts

A couple of weeks ago, there was a prediction that we would have some significant snow within the following week.  I was looking forward to that because I wanted to try snow dyeing.  We had a decent amount of snow in November, but at that time I was too busy with holidays and activities to pull out all of my dye supplies.  As the approaching storm got closer, the predicted temperatures got warmer and warmer and in the end all we had was rain.  Still, I felt like playing with dye, so I turned to my old favorite, stitched-resist shibori.  I decided to make hearts, which I plan to use in some future projects.  They are really quick and simple to stitch up.

To start, I cut a heart shape out of an old bill to use as my pattern.  It’s close to  3 inches x 3 inches in size:

Next, I folded my fabric in half and traced around the heart.  I like to use Crayola’s washable markers- I’ve never had a problem with them washing out of my cotton fabrics.  I then drew two more hearts freehand.

I then threaded my needle with a double strand of Dual Duty Button and Carpet thread.  It’s a little heavier and sturdier than many other threads and is also easy to find in chain fabric stores.  I stitched a simple running stitch over each of the lines I’d drawn.  I knotted the beginning of the stitching of each row, leaving the other ends loose for now.  Here’s the side with the lines:

Here’s the other side, which shows the stitching a little better.  I don’t particularly try to be even with the stitches:

Next, I pulled all the stitches tight and knotted the doubled ends together that had been left loose:

I then dyed the fabrics.  After dyeing, I usually give them a cold rinse and soak and then carefully clip and remove the threads before giving them a final washout of the excess dye- and yes, my fingers are still faintly purple from this today.

I used three different fabrics for this batch of hearts. Some was dyed golden yellow (and over-dyed fuchsia red), some was left white (dyed with blue-violet), and some was multi-colored (over-dyed with strong navy).  All of the dyes I use are fiber reactive procion dyes from Dharma Trading.

Original fabrics:

Finished hearts, ready to use for appliques, to be further embellished and/or pieced into other projects: