Packing Tape Transfers with Original Images

I am in the process of working on a project, in that time when I have some general ideas but don’t know quite where it is going to go yet.  Yesterday it occurred to me that packing tape transfers might be a good addition to this project. (I posted the how-to’s of packing tape transfers awhile ago, and one way I used them.) In the past, I have used found images from magazines but for this project, I wanted to use my own.  I ‘m not sure why I haven’t thought about doing that before.  

I started with an image I had of doily I had recently crocheted:

I knew I wanted to manipulate it, but my computer is a chromebook and I don’t have access to any sort of fancy software.  I usually just use free programs and generally don’t do much more than crop images, so that works fine.  For this image, I used picmonkey and basically just clicked around on different effects until I got to this:

This was interesting, but still not quite what I wanted.  I really wanted the reverse of this.  It’s possible that picmonkey can do that, but I wasn’t able to figure out how.  I did a search for programs that would allow me to create a negative image and found the free program lunapic.  It had an option for making a negative, but I found it also had an option to create a coloring book image.  I had pretty much what I was looking for and was able to use the eraser tool to clean up some random smudges I didn’t want.  My final image looked like this:

I was able to take this image and made a sheet of doily images of different sizes.  I printed off my sheet of images on a black and white laser printer and then used them just like I used the images found in magazine pages.  Here are some of the transfers decorating the back of my chromebook:

And this is one of the images over some of my hand-dyed fabric, which is the way I ultimately want to use this technique:

I really love that this image was created from my original handwork, but is used in a completely different way. Now that I know that my little idea from yesterday works,  I’m looking forward to trying this with lots of other images to combine into some of my current projects.  So many possibilities are floating around in my head.  


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