Recycled Art: Record Albums

This past Monday, I happened to see a link somewhere to some old record albums that someone had painted. I showed it to my daughter, Anna, who immediately got very excited about the idea. Anna loves to paint and something about the idea of painting on old records really spoke to her. She asked if we could go to second hand stores to find some old records, so we hopped on our bikes and headed to Anna’s favorite (and also the nearest!) thrift store. We found an assortment of smaller(10 cents each) and larger ($1 each) records.

As soon as we got home, Anna scrubbed off the label of a small record and sanded it a bit. She painted it just like that, without any other surface preparation. For her next attempt, she painted it with white acrylic paint before painting on her design. Later, we bought a can of spray primer and primed up her entire stock of records so that she has a waiting stack of prepared canvases.

Anna’s had a pretty busy week, but managed to finish these so far:

painted records

Here’s a close-up of Anna’s favorite, a jukebox painted from a picture she found of one:

And this is my favorite that she’s painted:

I have some ideas of my own for some mandala designs I’d like to try, but haven’t had time to experiment yet.

I think we’re going to be checking out the other thrift stores in town this weekend for the smaller size records with small center holes- we bought out all 10 that the Humane Society thrift store had in stock on Monday :).