Tie-dyed Gifts

My daughter attends a homeschool enrichment program two days each week. Today is the last day of classes before summer vacation, and it occurred to me at around 4 o’clock yesterday afternoon that it would be nice to give her teachers some sort of gift to thank them for all of their hard work throughout this year. Because I have a huge stash of new white dishtowels from a recent excellent sale, we decided to dye them up in colors to best match their personalities and personal tastes. Everyone can always use a dish towel and really, doesn’t everyone need a bit of tie-dye in their life?

Of course, the dishes from dinner (which was only spaghetti with sauce from a jar as a creative project was needing to be done!) are still waiting for me in the kitchen this morning. We needed the sinks last night for a more important purpose!



Babies and Bears Sweater

I’m attending a baby shower tomorrow and just finished sewing the buttons on the sweater that will be my gift.  It’s knit from the Cottage Creations Babies and Bears Sweater pattern, which is a fun sweater to knit.  I love watching how it all comes together as it’s knit.  I used Cascade 220 superwash yarn, which I hadn’t used before and really liked.

Here’s the sweater front:

sweater front

Here’s the back:

sweater back

A Quick Dye Project

A few years a go, I used to sell hand-dyed clothing at a local Saturday Market. During those years, everyone in my family wore a lot of tie-dye. Now, we all just wear an occasional piece of colorful clothing with one exception: socks for my son and husband. They have worn only brightly hand-dyed socks for several years. A teen friend has also joined that trend, and so every once in awhile I need to dye up a new batch of socks for those three special guys. The colors vary depending upon my mood, other projects I may have going at the time and what colors of dye I have in the basement at that moment. Here is my latest batch, 22 pair freshly folded from the dryer:


Since I was dyeing socks anyway, I also threw in some recently purchased dishtowels that were a boring white. Much more fun now!

Dish towels

Another week, another cake

The cast of Charlotte’s Web loved the cake my daughter made last week and requested another one for this weekend’s performances.  My daughter decided that this week, she would make a pig.  This time she made a 16-inch chocolate cake with fluffy pink frosting (the pink is a bit brighter than it looks in this photo) .  She’s not telling them that it’s colored with beet juice :).   She’s already thinking about what cake she will make for next weekend’s performances.

We aren’t big cake eaters, but Anna loves making them, so this has been a lot of fun for her.